Sunday, November 27, 2011

Heavy Cotton Part 2 (Nov 2011)

Assalamualaikum and a very good day.
Salam Hijrah to al friends.
Another set of heavy cotton for sale.

Spring RM 13.50/m

White Rose RM 12.50/m

Daisy Rm 13.50/m

Love 4 RM 13.50/m

Love 3 RM 13.50/m

Marvel RM 13.50/m

Asteroid RM 12.50/m

Polka brown RM 12.50/m

Minie Blue RM 12.50/m

Flower red RM 12.50/m

Flower pink RM 12.50/m

Polka blue/green RM 12.50/m

Black n White RM 12.50/m

Army RM 12.50/m

Batik RM 12.50/m

Brand RM 12.50/m

ANNOUNCEMENT: Starting December 2011, all PLAIN HEAVY COTTON will be at a new price.


  1. so hari ini 1 dec, harga dah lain?

  2. dear imazz....hanya utk plain heavy cotton.utk yang design di atas...same price as stated.