Monday, May 21, 2012


Assalamualaikum and a very good day to all

There are few more heavy cottons for your viewing pleasure.
Are these the only collection of heavy cottons i have? DEFINATELY NOT..

Do check out my previous post on heavy cotton (HEAVY COTTON FEBRUARY 2012) , i still have stock on that collection too.

Do email me/ pm in FB  to enquire more on the fabric if you wish to purchase..

I would be glad to answer your question...

LOVELY 1= RM 13.50/m
LOVELY 2 Rm 13.50/m
Alphabet black RM 13.50/m
Alphabet Blue RM 13.50/m

Checkmate RM 13.50/m
Melon RM 12.50/m
Sunny Rm 13.50/m
Checker pink,grey,red, purple= RM 12.50 /m

Apple black RM 12.50/m
Abstract 1= RM 12.50/m
Abstract 2= RM 12.50/m
Ladybird RM 12.50/m
Bouquet RM 12.50/m

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